Bride drowning her gown in Italy.

Bride drowning her gown in Italy.

This amazing couple really wanted to have some unusual photos so we decided to do a couple's after wedding session. We travelled from Lake Garda to Lake Tenno which is known for it's clear green colour and is much quieter than Lake Garda.

We started with some photos on the beach of the small island before they slowly went into the cool water. The tourists were loving the events taking place in-front of them but got used to us after a few minutes.

Mario and Sara were such good sports, and didn't hesitate at any point during the photo session they took it all in their stride even though the water wasn't very warm. I had to get in the water too with them to get up close, it was such a fun shoot. We cracked out the bubbly and got some good images with that too.

Thanks to you both for being brave enough to do this. See you next year for another shoot, who knows what we will think of in 12 months.

Location: Lake Tenno ,Italy..