For me your day is an adventure, a story waiting to be told Thank you so much for visiting my website. I am an award winning British Wedding Photographer based on Lake Garda, Italy, happy to travel worldwide to capture weddings. I specialise in wedding and portrait photography.

Andy and Terren, Malcesine Castle, Lake Garda
The crew, looking cool, Malcesine Wedding.
Award winning photography in Malcesine.
Balcony overlooking Lake Garda, resort of Malcesine
Up Malcesine Castle Steps, Malcesine, Italy.
Special moments, Malcesine , Lake Garda, Italy
Wedding Photographer in Italy and Europe.
Andy and Terren in Malcesine Castle, Italy , Europe
British Wedding Photographer on Lake Garda
Servizio Foto di Ballerine, Studio Fotografico
Mature weddings in Italy
Lisa & Josh Wedding photos La Voglia Restaurant Rocks
Stunning wedding venues in Italy.
Tina and John on Island, Malcesine, Italy.
Romantic Couple John and Tina, Malcesine, Lake Garda.
Lisa & Josh Wedding photos La Voglia Restaurant Bubbles
Leanne Ricky Loving Moment
Jacqueline, Reflections in the Castle of Malcesine, IT
Photoshoot in Malcesine Castle, Italy.
Lisa & Josh Wedding photos by La Voglia Restaurant
Lisa & Josh Wedding  Malcesine Italy.
Wedding photos Hotel Castello Malcesine Mirror
Wayne and Ellie with Prosecco, Malcesine, Italy.
Sally & Elliot, laughing photos in Malcesine Castle.
Malcesine Castle wedding venue, Lake Garda
Scottish weddings in Italy.
Wedding photographer based in Italy.
Gemma and Jay , Wedding, Malcesine , Lake Garda
Wedding Table, Sarah & Rich, Malcesine Wedding Italy.
Stunning Roxanne Malcesine
Charlotte ready to marry in Malcesine, Italy
Malcesine  Julia Adrian on the jetty with a diver
Lisa and her girls on the jetty
Emma and Darren, Lake Garda Wedding, Lake Garda.
Shadows on the groom, Malcesine wedding.
Father Daughter moments, Malcesine Castle Wedding.
Silhouette bride in Malcesine Doorway.
Wedding Photos Malcesine Captain's Palace Door.
Groom in Blue Malcesine Castle.
Quirky wedding photos, Malcesine
Night Romance on Lake Garda.
On the balcony overlooking Lake Garda, Malcesine, Italy